1.“Higher education: extremely important element in the organization of modern society” – “Enseignement supérieur: élément moteur de l’organisation de la société moderne” (1993)– Text (preface) presenting the book “The University as an institution today” (1993)– “L’université aujourd’hui” (1994), written by Alfonso Borrero Cabal and revised by an international team. It was published in English in 1993 and in French in 1994 by the International Development Centre of Canada and UNESCO, pgs ix to xxii in both English and French versions.

2.“Unitwin/Unesco Chairs Programme – Programme Unitwin/Chaires Unesco – Genèse, évolution, perspectives” (2017 and 1999) – This document number 2 is integrated by two elements: Speech of Marco Antonio Rodrigues Dias in UNESCO (October,31, 2017) in the conmemoration of the 25th anniversary of the programme UNITWIN in French (original) and in English and Portuguese. 2- An article of presentation of the programme published by UNESCO in 1999 on the genesis, evolution and prospects of the prograamme. – The original text was written on 16th February 1999 and published some months later after the departure of the author from UNESCO with the title “Le Programme UNITWIN/Chaires UNESCO – Une approche novatrice en faveur du transfert des connaissances”. The published text was modified without the participation of the author. The present document contains the original version. Eliminated elements by the editors are highlighted. The “revised” version served as presentation of the 1999 edition of the Directory/Répertoire of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs programme (UNESCO 1999- ED-99/WS/7) – pgs 5 to 9 in English and 10 to 14 in French.

3.“New Trends in interuniversity cooperation at global level”– « Nouvelles tendances de la coopération interuniversitaire au niveau global » (1994)– Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education (IHME OECD, 11th General Conference – 2 September 1992) – Published in 1994 by OECD in English and French by OECD in the Journal “Higher Education Management” (“Gestion de l’enseignement supérieur”) – vol 6 – no 1- pgs. 104 to 114 in the English version and 114 to 125 in the French)- IMHE-OCDE- 1994.

4.“UNITWIN/Cátedras UNESCO: Nuevas bases para la cooperación internacional (1998)- Text of a speech presented during a symposium organizad by Universidad Deusto, Bilbao, Pais Vasco, España- “Educación y Desarrollo- América Latina ante el siglo XXI: problemas y perspectivas”- 31 March to 03 April 1998.

5.“Trends and challenges in higher education: a global approach” (1991)– Text elaborated to the Second Collective Consultation of Non Governmental Organizations Specialized in Higher Education in Paris and to the Symposium in Caracas, Venezuela, on “New Rules of Higher Education at World Level: the Case of Latin America and Caribbean ? Future and Prospects” – Paris, 8 to 10 April 1991 and Caracas, 2 to 3 May 1991. The document was published in French (original), English and Spanish.

6.“Objectives and institutionalization of the Global University System” (1999) – Text of a speech during an international conference organized in Tampere, Finland, aiming at the creation of the network GUS – Global University System. The text was published in 2003 as chapter of the book “Global Peace through the Global University System- edited by Tapio Varis, Takeshi Utsumi and William Klemm- Unesco Chair in Global e-learning e University of Tampere, Research Centre for Vocational Education, Hämeenlinna, 2003 – pgs. 54 to 76.

7.“La crise de la vache folle et la coopération interuniversitaire” (1996)– This text was presented during an international conference on « Mutations des enseignements supérieurs” organized jointly by the Université de Paris I and Université Francophone de Galatasaray in Istanbul- Turkey- 18-20 April 1996. The original is in French. A Spanish version was published in Mexico.

8.“Cooperación interuniversitaria en tiempos de globalización” (1999) – Document presented during a meeting organized in the University of Granada, Spain, on 22th October 1999 – This document was not edited neither revised.

9. »Cooperacióninternacional:cuestiondenecesidad »–Texto elaborado para presentación en reunión plenaria de la Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas, en noviembre de 1997, sobre « Objectivos de la universidad ante el nuevo siglo ».

10.“Comments to a document on internationalization of higher education in the framework of the World Bank” (2005) – This was not originally a public document. It was part of a correspondence sent to one expert in charge of a project elaborated between 2003-2005 in the framework of the Wortd Bank.

11.“The relevance of international co-operation in higher education for graduate employment”– Dumitru Chitoran and Marco Antonio Rodrigues Dias- (1998) – Chapter of the book “Graduate Prospects in a changing society” – UNESCO Publishing and Inter-American Organization for Higher Education- 1998- pgs. 63 a 76.

12.« Les barrières culturelles à la coopération » (1988) – This text was used to a speech presented during an international conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on 25th April 1988 on «le rôle grandissant des universités dans la coopération internationale»- organized by Association des Universités et des Collèges du Canada, Agence canadienne de Développement International –ACDI- and Dalhahousie University. A Portuguese version « As barreiras culturais na cooperação », with a translation by Marcelo Montiel da Rocha, was published by the CRUB (Council of Rectors of Brazilian universitdies) Journal “Educação Brasileira» 10 (21), pgs 125-138) – A Spanish version was published by the journal « Educación Superior »- Caracas- Centro Regional para la Educación Superior en America y el Caribe – Enero/Diciembre 1989 – nos 27-28, pgs, 182 to 194.

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